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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A few of my makeup pics...

I plan on doing a makeup tutorial VERY soon on here which includes super awesome pictures of my eyeballs. For now, I will tantalize and tease you with pictures of already completed eye makeup looks. Im excited because after posting these on facebook I'm getting ALOT of positive feedback and many people have been emailing me to do their makeup for  parties/weddings/occasions. Makes me think I just may be on to something here. ;)

Here's a look I did using Madd Style Cosmetics (of course!). This is the rundown: Duct- Bubble Gum Crisis, Lid - Radar Love, Outer Corner/Crease - Glitter & Doom, Hilight - Star Gazer, Bottom Inner Lid- Radar Love, Bottom Outer Lid - Glitter and Doom. Over UDPP only. Mascara: Avon, Eyeliner: Avon. Meh...what do you want from me, I have alot of that crap leftover from when I sold it. LOL

Ah...FYI when I say "UDPP" I mean Urban Decay Primer Potion. It is the awesomest of the awesome primers for your eye. I know that lots of ladies out there have their faves, but UDPP is a strong front runner for many. I've tried NARS version and didnt like it one bit. It was just too heavy, and it creased. UDPP is just so light and blends beautifully. It really helps the makeup "stick" to your eye for hours and hours and hours.

Anyway here's one more favorite of mine and then I'll stop babbling.

Here's another Madd Style Cosmetics look. Rundown: Duct - Star Gazer, Lid - Ripple, Crease/Outer Corner - Nirvana, Hilight - Dr. Rockso, Bottom Lid - Ripple. Sparkle Motion patted on top. Over UDPP and NYX Milk.

OK so clarify...NYX Milk is a NYX Jumbo eye pencil in color "Milk'. NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils are sweet because they go over the UDPP (once its dry of course) and blended out. Once thats done you can apply your mineral makeup and it will help it really POP. All this will be more clear once I get that tutorial can really get that play-by-play. ;) Oh yeah..and Sparkle Motion is AMAZINGGGG! Highly recommend!!!! It just adds that spash of glitz and glitter where you want. I really love it when my eyeballs are so glittery you can see them from space.

Yeah so my hands are numb. (carpal tunnel!! ::shakes fist nervous system::) I'm done for now, but you can be sure there will be some super fab things posted soon. Thanks for lookin.


  1. Chrissy, I would love if you could do a tutorial on an every day look (I love this look, but this is a few notches too much for me, for daywear!). I have no freaking idea how to put on eyeshadow and it would really, REALLY help!

  2. Absolutely!!!! I totally agree with you on the above looks, I dont often leave the house looking like that only because the other Mommies at my son's pre-k look at me like I'm nuts LMAO! For artistry sake I love to do the colorful stuff but I much prefer the toned down looks and neutrals. I will come up with a scheme for a pretty nude-neutral look and post it ASAP! xoxoxo <3