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Tuesday, June 28, 2011



Hello lovelies!!!!!! Well, I'm happy to announce that we have gotten over the 25 subscriber mark (yay!) and that means its time to celebrate with a GIVEAWAY!!!! What am I giving away you ask? of the coolest things I can think of actually: The brandy-new "Drop Dead Fred" collection from Madd Style Cosmetix!!!

Oh, you haven't heard about the DDF collection yet? Well, let me enlighten you! DDF is the newest collection from the wonderful mind of Mo the owner/creator/genius behind Madd Style Cosmetix. Here's a mini-review on the colors including sweet pics. Then, if you're the end I will announce the give-away rules. Think you can handle the suspense? I don't think I can. I may need a change of shorts.

So here's the entire collection:
Super frickin sweet, right????

Here are the individual colors swatched for your viewing pleasure. The pics do NOT do them justice...these colors are FANTASTICCCCCC!!!!

Mega Beast - A soft-yet-pigmented primary blue LOADED with purple and green glitter.

SNOT FACE: An electric yellow-toned green with lots of primary green and silver glitter.

COBWEBS: a classic grey with a white hue and color shifting silver glitter.

MAKE BELIEVE: a royal purple with a pinkish tint that has purple, green and silver glitter.

NAMBIE PAMBIE: a darling "little girl" pink with a ton of sliver sparkle!

And of could one forget -
DROP DEAD FRED: a bright orange with a golden hue and lots of primary green glitter!!
This beautiful girl modeling the collection is NOT's model Amberly Sweetser . Makeup Artist and gorgeous photo taken by the one, the only...Courtney Zepeda-Hawkes!

OK so now that I've got you all hot and ready with these are the rules for the giveaway!

If you're already one of my lovely followers AWESOME, just leave one comment telling me what your FAVORITE Madd Style Cosmetix item is off the Artfire page. If you don't already know, Madd Style Cosmetix has MOVED to Artifire! Here is the link: Madd Style Cosmetix Artfire Page

If you're NOT a follower of mine, well then go ahead and sub me THEN leave a comment telling me your favorite Madd Style Cosmetix item. (Ya gotta be a sub of mine to get in on this! Sorry but I'm a sub hoar.)
You can get additional entries for doing the following, and then reporting back via comment.
1) Like the Madd Style Cosmetix fanpage on Facebook. Here: Madd Style Cosmetix FB fanpage  (hope the link works) Just let me know youre already a fan if you are!
2) Post a link to this giveaway on your blog. Comment with the link to the blog post! (any blog...doesnt just have to be blogger. Anywhere you get the word out!)
3) Tweet the giveaway then comment with the link to your tweet!
4) Post the link to the giveaway on your facebook or in a FB group, take a screencap of the post and then email it to me at Once you've sent the email, go ahead and put a comment down here letting me know that you reposted on FB and emailed me.

Remember...each entry has to be a separate comment! You can get not one, not two but FIVE entries for yourself! The more chances the better right?

This contest will run til Friday July 8th at midnight where I will then pick a winner with good ol'! Results will be posted HERE on this blog at that time!

And now the fun legal crap that I totes stole from Drea Rockett (Drea's Blog, Like A Rockett...) . Love you girl. LOL!!

Small print-
I reserve the right to disallow inappropriate entries. This prize will be shipped USPS 1st class with package tracking where available. While I will do everything in my power to insure that the package is delivered in a timely manner, I cannot control the shipping speed or capability of the postal service. I cannot be held responsible for loss, damage or delay of the prize package enroute to the prize winner. Entries cannot be made by proxy. Entries will not be allowed from non-blog following entrants. All comments are screened. Anything inappropriate will be deleted. Family members of Drea Rockett will not be eligible for entry. (sorry Drea! but my family is ok!! LOL Copy and paste FAIL! Let's try this again. Family members of Chrissy Carlberg will not be eligible for entry.) Winner will be chosen completely at random via's random number raffle process. All entries will be assigned a number. Multiple entries by a single person will be validated for eligibility prior to being assigned a number. Your number may not be chronological due to this possible discrepancy.
Good luck my lovelies....and trust when I say this collection is SUPERB so get on it and start subbing. Whore me out dammit!

xoxoxoxoxo an added bonus I was able to play in my own DDF collection and here are some pics of me rocking Snot Face & Mega Beast. EPICCCC!!!!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Like a Rockett giveaway!!!!!

Hello lovelies! Just wanted to pass this info along, my good friend Drea is having a HUGE NYX giveaway on her bloggy! Go there and follow her, AND do extra super special things (she posts what to do) and get additional entries into the giveaway! I'm already doing it HAHA!

Here's the link to her blog:

Follow. Now. DO EEEEETTTTTT!!!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Madd Style Cosmetix - Frozen Treat Tutorial!

I scream, you scream....

Not that I EVER need a reason to eat ice cream, but there is just something about summertime that makes ice cream alllll the more delicious!

We Madd Models of Madd Style Cosmetix  have been commissioned to do "Frozen Treats" for the month of June. I had considered a few options, but I really wanted to do some kind of ice cream because well, I loooove me some ice cream! In Martinsville, NJ near where I live there is a super-sweet mom and pop owned restaurant/ice cream parlor called Gabriel's Fountain. Hubby discovered it on his way home from work one day and we have been going there for YEARS! I dragged myself there pregnant with BOTH of my boys and now we go as a family as well. Its an awesome family oriented place and the ice cream is TO DIE FOR (all made on the premises!)

So Gabriel's Fountain has a flavor of ice cream called "Black Raspberry Truffle" (yes, that's it in the above pic!!!) and its my most favoritest yummiest ice cream like ever. Its a Black Raspberry ice cream with teeeeeeny little dark chocolate truffles that when you bite into them are filled with Black Raspberry Jam. I told you it was TO DIE FOR!!!

Here is my bestie Lisa Anne eating a cone of Black Raspberry Truffle the size of Wisconsin. In her defense....she was pregnant so its perfectly ok that she was trying to eat her weight in Black Raspberry Truffle ice cream. Incidentally, her and I were due last year on the same EXACT date. Pretty sweet to be miserable alongside your best friend in the whole universe. (Long story short, I gave birth a month early because I suck. Lisa Anne is my son's Godmother and her daughter is already betrothed to my son.) But I digress....whenever I go to Gabriel's and get ice cream, Lisa Anne calls me all kinds of awful names.

...Until I show up on her doorstep with a quart of Black Raspberry Truffle.

So yes, this is my inspiration! Mo makes such gorgeous purples how could I not use one for this tutorial? So lets get moving. Here's what you need.

Madd Style Cosmetix! (Left to right, top to bottom:) Bon Bon Blitz - a gorgeous brown with gold glitter, Spooky Girl - Black with silver glitter, Bubble Gum Crisis - a metallic dusty pink that's borderline lavendar, Sugar Plum - a plum purple with pink undertones, XRay Spex - a neutral white with pink duo chrome.

Brushes of course:

Time to Prime with our Urban Decay Primer Potion and NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in "Milk".

Eep almost forgot, we must have Awesomesauce!!!! I really want my colors to POP and by applying the TINIEST bit of Awesomesauce to your lids (and giving it some sufficient drying time) it will magnify the colors!! I have found that a little bit goes a loooong way with this, so a helpful trick is take the tiniest drop and put it on your pinkie. Rub your pinkies together and apply a thin coating to your lids. I give it a few minutes and a little fanning to help get it drier and a bit tacky.

OK lovelies, are we all primed, based, Awesomesauced and ready to rock? Good. First thing we need is our smallest eyeshadow brush to get into our duct area. What's going there? I'm glad you asked. XRay Spex of course!

Try not to go too far into the inner corner with the Xray Spex, we are just using it as a small highlight...a place to pick up the light. Duh, highLIGHT.



Next up, grab another small, short bristled eyeshadow brush and load it up with Bubble Gum Crisis. We are basically going to from lightest color to darkest to get that sweet color-progression. Since Black Raspberry Truffle is a light purple color, this will help achieve the look. Apply Bubble Gum Crisis just after Xray Spex, near the inner corner and blending out just slightly.  Remember to PAT the color on! Whenever you sweep the brush you knock off glitter and also the precious pigmented minerals that you WANT to stick to your eyes! Patting is a great gentle way for you to almost PUSH the color onto your eye to really make it pop. Also, because Bubble Gum Crisis is a pretty light color, don't be afraid to layer the colors up to get it to the desired shade. You really don't want to go much further than the center of the lid. Let's save that real estate for something else.

OK here comes some Sugar Plum! Use your medium sized shadow brush and grab that sweet sweet purpley Sugar Plum! I'm using this on the last third of the eyelid towards the outer corner, but juuuuust leaving enough space for more good goodness on the outside. Once you've patted the color on, sweep your brush ever so slightly (without picking up more pigment....just using whats already on the brush) into the crease. This will drag some of the Sugar Plum up and over your eyelid ever so slightly.

Now here comes the fun mixy part that I was waiting for. To achieve the dark chocolate look we want, let's blend two colors together. I know, it sounds crazy but hang with me a sec. You'll see! Take your crease brush and get some Bon Bon Blitz on there. Next, get your spooky girl and tap out just a little into the cap.  Without knocking any Bon Bon Blitz off your brush, start tapping into the Spooky Girl on the cap and swirl the two colors together. You want to create the dark chocolate color by combining the two, and there is no perfect science to it. If you re concerned its too light or too dark for you...make a small swatch on the inside of your arm.  It should look like my brush above. Not too brown, not too black.  Once you're happy with the new color we've created (Spooky Bon Bon?) tap that color into the outer corner of your eye.

Using the crease brush and without getting more pigment, drag the brush across the orbital bone just above where the Sugar Plum was blended into the crease. This is going to create a layered color look. The point is to have the outer corner the darkest point and have the color taper off and get lighter as it reaches your inner corner.

At this point, let's evaluate what our eyelid situation is. We may need to reapply some colors if they have been covered over somewhat in all the blending and adding we've done. Re-apply some of that Xray Spex like I am in the picture. Also, get more of your Bubble Gum Crisis and punch it up just a little patting and blending all the way.

Blendyyyyy!!!!! Get your big, fat, naked blendy brush (that means no color on it!) and start blending the top line out. Small circles help soften the line of Spooky Bon Bon, and brush upwards to help soften.

So, at this point this is what you should have! To finish this look off, I had a super cool idea!

Grab a liquid liner eyeliner pen. I'm using E.L.F. in Coffee. It's cheap, (Target for $1. That's right, $1) easy to use and the coverage is pretty darn decent! (Take note of my super sweet nailposish btw...Sally Hansen HD in "Laser" FTW!!!) For those of you who are eyeliner freaked out...practice really does make perfect. I can tell you that if you start from the middle of your eyelid and work your way out in short connecting lines (almost like you re brushing it on in small strokes) you can get a straighter line rather than if you just drag the pen/pencil along in one fell swoop. Once you get to the outer corner, return back to the center of your eyelid and go backwards towards your tear duct in small lines.

Let's pull a little magic out of our asses now. While the liner is still relatively "wet" grab your thinnest, smallest bristle eyeshadow brush or a smudger as it's called in my Ecotools set. Get some Bon Bon Blitz ONLY (no Spooky Girl this time....sorry Spooky Girl!) and do this:

TAP the Bon Bon Blitz onto the semi-wet liquid eyeliner and it will STICK!!!! Now check out the redonk line we made! It's all sparkly and looks very much like chocolate. Then again, since Ive been dieting, many things look like chocolate to me.

To finish the look off, you can use a pencil liner on the waterline...I used a black pencil. If this creeps you out you don't HAVE to do this, but you can take Bon Bon Blitz on the smudger brush one more time and pat some onto the waterline over the pencil. I also smudged it down into the lash line a little bit as well to create a semi-smokey look.

A little mascara and BOOM! We're done!!!!! I REALLY loved this look if I do say so myself! I hope its a fitting tribute to such a delicious ice cream!  As always, super awesome pictures of the finished product!!!

Hope you liked this tutorial! Let me know in the comments if you like, it's great for stroking my already enormous ego!

I MUST give a shout-out to Gabriel's Fountain of Martinsville, NJ. If you live in the area GO and have a lovely lunch or dinner there. The place is so adorable like a cottage and of course the ICE CREAM is just unreal. They also have tours of the facility so you can see how they make the ice cream by hand!!!  I adore this place, and hey...maybe I'll run into you there!

....just don't tell my BFF Lisa Anne I'm there without her!

Later Lovelies  ~ xoxoxoxo


1948 Washington Valley Road
 Martinsville, NJ 08836

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Blue Mozie!

Been jonesing to do this for a while now...

Oh hello my lovelies. Hope you all had a long enjoyable Memorial Day weekend/holiday/vacation/lazyass days! Hubby was home for 5 days so I didn't have much opportunity to do a tutorial for a while. Sad panda. He doesn't appreciate when I wear a lot of makeup. For Easter I did my orange/pink look that I thought came out super sweet...he told me I looked like a parrot. Oh well, men aren't usually known for their taste right? But I digress...

So yeah, I'm home doing what I do (AKA everything) but had some time to get my makeup on. I literally have gone to bed dreaming about doing this look for a while now. I had imagined doing a blue with Madd Style Cosmetix (natch) using Illuminati & Space Oddity. However, once I had the Birthday Collection in my hot little hands...oh how "Poison Berry" called out to me. Use me! Use meeeeee!  Either that or I just drank WAY too much over Memorial Day weekend. And of course Mo being the awesome Mo that she is, gave me a sample pack of her light ice blue color "Sub Zero". Well, it was as if she was whispering right into my ear: DO A BADASS BLUE SCHEME WITH THESE MY LITTLE MODEL. DO EEEEET! So therefore, this is for you Mo.

Lets begin as we always begin....with the tools you will need. As I mentioned, you go get your Madd Style Cosmetix! (Ive already got mine right here.) Got em? Good. OK so if you don't have these colors of course you could do Illuminati and Space Oddity as a replacement. OR how bout dis...maybe some Phantasm and Glitter & Doom? I just did that look in fact on a client of mine who had a high school formal to attend and came out pretty bad-ass. Anyhoo here are your piggies:

Top left is "Star Gazer" a white with bluish duo chrome. Perfect for this little project! Next up is "Poison Berry" from the Birthday Collection. I think this is one of the hottest blues Ive ever laid eyes on. And my eyes have been laid AL OT. Its a royal blue with blue glitter and a whole lotta other good goodness going on. Next up in my little baggy is "Sub Zero" which is redonk. Guess who is getting this in a full size soon. I'll give ya a hint...she's big and blonde!!

Soooo you will also of course need your handy dandy brushes:

Black mascara (I use Lancome Hypnose!) Black liquid eyeliner (again, using Lancome) and a regular old black eye pencil.

As always I'm starting out with primed and based eyes....but here they are just in case you live under a rock and haven't seen my other tutorials or my youtube (which by the way is mmmheah - Glitter & Glam- Makeup by Chrissy, Primers & Bases Tut). By the by, I'm using something new this time around too. Aside from my white base I'm also using NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in "Black Bean". Urban Decay Primer Potion, NYX JEP in "Milk" blah blah blahhhhh"!

The "Black Bean is going to go on the outer third of your eye lid. The "Milk" goes on the majority of the lid, but the black at the outer corner/blended into the crease is really going to help the dark "Poison Berry" pop! Would i lie? OK... never mind. But believe me on this one!

We are all primed and based and lubed and ready to go. Lubed? Anyway....we are ready. First thing we are going to do is grab out small shadow brush and dip into our lovely lovely "Star Gazer". Pat the color on in the duct area blending out lightly in all directions and a little onto the lid. Just a little!

Once that looks slammin', grab a medium short bristled lid brush and pick up your "Sub Zero". Really load the brush up, don't be scared! "Sub Zero" is going on the majority of the lid over the white base. The white helps it show up better. I had layered "Sub Zero" with a few applications til it showed up quite nicely as you can see below. Apply to your own desired color!

Here comes the fun part...adding "Poison Berry"! I seriously could not WAIT to bust this color out! I tried to capture its sheer awesomeness on camera but it didn't work will just have to find out yourself! But for now, check this out. Grab your rounded crease brush and get some "Poison Berry". Starting at the outer "v" of your eye blend inward and into the crease. Keep loading up with color so that you get a pretty dramatic blend. Sweep the brush from side to side over your crease blending up into the orbital bone. Don't worry if you cover up some of that "Sub Zero", you can always go back and re-add.

Wowza! When I said dramatic I meant it. OK so remember when I said "Sub Zero" might get lost a bit it did on mine, so lets go get some more on our short stubby lid brush and re-fill. This will give it a nicely blended look, especially if you pat the color on a bit over where "Poison Berry" is near the outer corner


At this point what you should also do is using the same crease brush that has "Poison Berry" on it, start sweeping the color on your lower lid. It will meet up with the other "Poison Berry" you already have in the outer corner making a nice blue ring around your eye.

Time for blendy blendy!! Get your big fluffy blendy brush with NO pigment on it and start blending the line of "Poison Berry" upwards from your crease/orbital bone. Using small circles you will soften the line upward and give it a nice seamless look to the highlight. I don't have any pictures of the highlight because I ::GASP:: didn't use an MSC highlight. I know, I stink. Deal with it. I will say tho, if you do have Madd Style Cosmetix "Birfday Suit" it is almost exactly the color of what I used. Get your highlight brush and sweep that on your brow bone. But here I am doing my blendy blendy:

It was around this time that my son walked into the bathroom as I'm blending....


"Mommy you look like a monster!!"

...He says to me in his adorable little 3 year old voice. I would be offended, but I'm pretty sure he means this as a compliment. At least, I'll take it that way. But either way...a ringing endorsement.

Unfazed, I continue on as he leaves the bathroom with graham cracker in hand.

 So we are almost in the home stretch, only thing left to do now is add mascara and eyeliner. I have a stroke of genius at this point...I'm going to do a "reverse cat-eye" which I  just made up on the spot. Its basically exactly how it sounds, I do the cat eye wing on the inside of my eye rather than on the outside. After a couple tries, I think I get it. To achieve this reverse cat eye, do your line as you normally would, but end it immediately at the outer corner. At the duct, bring the line out towards your nose and meet it up with the lower lash line. Thicken the line out back towards your eye to achieve the wing. Using a regular pencil brush I filled in the waterline in the duct and upper/lower lash line to get the flawless black effect. When doing both eyes, it's important to make sure the two wings are level with each other, or your eyes will look off kilter! 
The whole look is VERY dramatic, and a little "Black Swan"-ish I guess. I don't know, I haven't seen the movie yet, but all in all pretty bad ass if I do say so myself! Here are some gratuitous shots of me all done up to prove it to you:

As a sad little after note, I must say that right after I completed doing my "Blue Mozie" it was time to run off to the gym for a class. (I would've left it but didn't feel like answering a ton of questions from nosey people as to why I was so made up for a gym class). So I went and grabbed some of my son's baby wipes and wiped off like 80% of the color. Here is the sad, sad result:

Oh well, at least I still looked somewhat fabulous! Thanks for checking out my tut. I hope this inspires you to do a similar look...go ahead show me those dupes! Until next time my lovelies!