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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Starrydance Cosmetics!

Starrydance Cosmetics Review!!!

OK. So since Blogger SUCKS MY ASS I have to re-write this review on Starrydance Cosmetics. I wrote it like over a month ago and blogger ate it. I kid you not. Apparently they had one night a while back where blogger went haywire and started nom nom nomming people's blogs INCLUDING MY REVIEW. that I have that off my chest I can re-write and pray I remember what I wrote (because even the draft got eaten. Bastards.)

So yes! Starrydance Cosmetics!! This fantastic company is run by Gwynn Farrington out of Dallas, Texas. Gwynn is an artist who has painstakingly crafted a brand new line of mineral pigments. These have been a long time coming, but the wait was worth it! The shop IS open, and I was lucky enough to try out several of Starrydance's new mineral eye pigments and was VERY happy!

The package arrived very neatly put together, with the pigments in small ziploc bags. There was a small amount of spillage from one of the shades, but when dealing with such small bags I can see how perhaps one wasn't sealed 100%. But the spillage was minimal and didn't take away anything from the presentation.

I'm gonna play with you my pretties. Oh yes...I will.

Everything was clearly labeled and I was very pleased to see that Gwynn had included papers which had detailed information on every single color that Starrydance put out. The information included ingredients and vegan information which was super important and a very thoughtful touch. All of Starrydance's pigment jars come labelled with the name of the pigment, the ingredients, that they are Vegan and Lip safe information. YAY! Love to have that info right at my fingertips!

Now let's get to the fun part. Swatchy swatchy time!!! :D

Here are the colors I was lucky enough to try out, from left to right:
Night Sky - A gorgeous pewter blue with purple tones, that has purple, gold and pink glitter
Maneki Neko - A creamy light golden yellow with extra golden sparkle inspired by the "Lucky Cat".
Starrydance - Named after the owner, this is a rich purple with teal undertones. There's crazy amounts of holographic sparkle, pink, gold, white and turquoise glitter. This is serious business this purple...its clearly my fave of the bunch!
Masquerade - A light pink with golden and pink sparkles.

So what's the bottom line?

The topmost colors are over NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in "Milk and as the colors drags down my arm it is on bare skin. My thoughts on the color pigmentation is that it is very good and the colors are rich and complex, but the coverage was a little light. I had to build the color up a few times on the "Milk" to darken the color up a bit, and you can see on bare skin it does seem sheer.  I don't know about you but I can totally appreciate a sheer eyeshadow! Sometimes I find the thicker consistency eye shadows to be a bit chalky. Starrydance Cosmetics are certainly NOT chalky but rather very light and silky to apply. The sheerness of these colors create almost an ethereal look.

Here are a few more angles of the colors. The first pic truly shows off the sparkle Starrydance Cosmetics provides. Its pretty rad.

Holy glittery goodness riiiiiight??


And now for a few super awesome looks I did using Starrydance Cosmetics! For this first look the colors I used are: Duct/Highlight - Maneki Neko, Lid - Masquerade , Outer Corner/Crease - Starrydance. Colors repeated on lower lid. It's a colorful look yes, but I really wanted to showcase all the colors I could at once.

 Never mind my smushy liner at the end. Just ignore it.

Here's another lovely look I did one day when I reallllly wanted to just play in Starrydance. I'm such a sucker for a nice purple and Starrydance really fits the bill for me. I did a simple color progression from light to dark and it blended super nicely. Still a bit sheer, but the color and sparkle are just gorgeous.

So I'm definitely giving Starrydance Cosmetics first foray into the business a big thumbs up! I will say that I wished the color payoff was a littttle better but that's just me. I think its a fine line between too chalky and too sheer. Its a preference and sometimes sheer works. Other than that, the colors were sent to me in a very professional way and the colors are gorgeous so I will say that this company will have a very bright future.

Oh, and let me just mention one more time that Gwynn is an artist who hand draws and produces super cute buttons that come with the piggies! I believe they will be with the collections only but how awesome is that?!?!?

Go ahead and check em out. I order thee! Here's Starrydance's FB fanpage: Starrydance Cosmetics FB Fanpage

Starrydance's Artfire page: Starrydance Cosmetics Artfire Page

Thanks for reading lovelies! Stay tuned for my next product review on Venomous Cosmetics!


  1. WOOT! Awesome review. My favourite starrydance pigment is Kirin. It is SUCH a beautiful turquoisey blue. I can't wait to see what else she comes up with!

  2. Thanks for the review! Im totally working on makin the colors less sheer! <3

  3. Nice review and very honest without being harsh. me likey you :)