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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August Look for Madd Models - Couture!!

High Fashion Alert!

Hello again lovelies! I'm super excited to show you how to accomplish this couture look I've done for Madd Style Cosmetix this month. It was hard to come up with inspiration on a look to do. Couture = high fashion so basically the weirder the better...but have some obvious cohesion. I went online to find inspiration and found several looks that were in the realm of where I wanted to go. Which was good because I had some CA-RAZY ideas!  Here are a few pics of high fashion inspiration:

You get the idea. Out of the box looks, bold colors. OK. So I had a general idea and got all my supplies together. Here's what you'll need:

Madd Style Cosmetix of COURSE! Left to right, top to bottom: Sparkle Motion, Cloud 9, Spirited Away, Poison Berry, Mega Beast & Illuminati.

I knew I wanted to do a dark to light progression and went with blue because I thought it would really POP!


Primer and base of COURSE! Urban Decay Primer Potion & NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in "Milk". I also used NYX JEP in "Black Bean" as well (not shown). I can't WAIT to get Madd Style's new product "POP N LOCK" which is Mo's take on a primer/base!! From the people who were lucky enough to score the first batch i hear it is INCREDIBLE for holding on shimmer & glitter plus pigments blend SO well!!!!

Awesomesauce of course.


 Black Mascara of your choice. I'm using Lancome Hypnose. It's my "God" mascara. Can't live without it. I'm also using a liquid pen liner in black. Any will do, but make sure its pretty dark and stays on well. You can also use a pencil liner, but a liquid will stand out more. Here's a helpful tip! To make your eyeliner last longer, pat a black pigment over the black liner. Try it with MSC's "Spooky Girl", it will look AH-MAY-ZING!

Fake lashes... 

...HEY. Hold on. FAKE LASHES?? You thought I could sneak those in didn't you? Yes. This is my first attempt at fake lashes too. I thought we could learn together. I know, I know you're skeptical. I was too. I will walk you through it and hold your hand the whole way I promise. Like everything it takes practice but the look is AWESOME!

OK so now that we have all our goodies gathered let's begin. Prime and base your eyes. If you are not sure how to do this I have a lovely tutorial on Youtube that will show you. Link's here: Chrissy's Primers and Bases Tutorial! One quick thing that I'm adding to that however is when you prime under your eye, bring it down a bit onto your cheek. Yes the color will be going down there. Trust me!

 See? Don't you love my nail polish all peeling off too?

(Oh, and in case you're wondering, I'm wearing MSC's Frankencake lip bomb which is LITERALLY THE BOMB! Its vanilla cookie flavored and I just want to nom on the whole stick!)

Once we're all primed, apply your bases. "Black Bean" all over the lid blended well, then "Milk" from about the crease up to the eyebrow. Do the same under your eye, but only "Black Bean" just under the lash line then white under that smudged down to the cheeks. You can see from my pic above. What this will do is enhance the darker pigments on your lid and the white will make the lighter pigments pop above.

I consider ditching the couture idea for a moment and perhaps do a sugar skull look. I mean, I'm already halfway there.     ...nah stick to the plan. That can be a tut for another day!

Don't forget to put a thin later of Awesomesauce on too once youre all primed and based! This will totally make the pigments brighter and all around more awesome. Hence the name. Apply a THIN layer of Awesomesauce (put a drop on your pinkie, rub them together then rub all over lids, up to eyebrows then on lower lid/cheeks as well!) Let this dry VERY well to prevent creasing.

We need to now clear an area at the outside corner outward toward your eyebrow tip for some super cool things. Grab a Q-tip and some makeup remover (or just water if you want) and make a straight line out from the outer corner like so:

What we've just done is clear a path for eyeliner. Yes eyeliner. So get that black liquid liner and get ready to draw. But Chrissy, you're asking, don't you usually do the liner like LAST? Yes this is usually true, but what I want to accomplish by drawing the lines on first is our outline almost like coloring.

 Line all around the top lash line and extend the line outward in a very exaggerated wing. Remember to go upwards toward your brow. It can be as long or as short as you want. For the lower line, make sure you line under the lash line and extend the line outward running parallel to the top line.


Now we are ready to start with our pigments! First color we will be using is "Poison Berry" from the Birthday Collection. This is one of the best most sparkly Royal Blue colors MSC has to offer. This color will be going along the black liner following the same path above and below. What I'm going for is thin bands of color layering one by one and going outward toward the eyebrow and cheek. The brush I'm using for all is the "smudger" by Ecotools. Its a tiny little brush to really get a nice thin line of pigmentation:

If you're fearing that this is a bit messy, no worries we will be blending color upon color and things will all get blended together. Also don't be concerned if you start to lose your black line on the outer corner. We will be re-drawing those on. For now this is just a guide to keep you on track with the application!

The color above "Poison Berry" will be "Spirited Away" a bluish purple (blurple as Mo calls it) with some added gold glitz. Can't go wrong with gold glitz. Ever. Layer that above the dark blue.

Next color will be "Mega Beast" a primary blue with blue and purple glitter. This is one of my FAVORITE blues that Mo makes! If you get the Drop Dead Fred collection (and I HIGHLY recommend you do!) then you must try a "Mega Beast" & "Snot Face" combo which looks SICK together! But I digress. Add the "beast" and keep blending. Are you getting the gist of this yet?

Illuminati is the next lucky piggie to go on your eyelid, above and below. You can really see in the pic how the colors look to be going from dark to light, lid out.

OK, now bear with me because it's gonna get weird. (as if it's not weird already?) We are going to mix "Cloud 9" with Awesomesauce. This is going above "Illuminati" on the brow bone. I am also extending "Cloud 9" up onto my eyebrow. That's right. Make your eyebrow grey. High fashion baby!

For the bottom of your eye onto your cheek, I used a fluffier brush and swept "Cloud 9" under "Illuminati" and blended lightly down onto just the top of the cheek. It will give a soft sheen of silver.

If you're noticing that your black eyeliner is now nonexistent, then by all means re-apply! It will have to be dark for the next step. We are going to get a small brush again and mix some "Sparkle Motion" with Awesomesauce like so:

It will be a bit liquidy, easy to spread. This is going in that space we created with the black liner at the outer corner of your eye. If you're finding it hard to get the "Sparkle Motion" to lay thickly on, then PAT the color. Don't sweep, it tends to knock the glitter around too much. "Sparkle Motion" is literally a silver glitter and we really want it to adhere. After I had put a wet layer of it on, I went back in and got some dry "SM" and put another layer on top to really make it seem thick and silver. Blend outward lightly to create a soft effect. Again, if your black liner is getting lost, re-draw it on.

Now comes the most funnest part of all. The fake lashes. The kit that I bought is an Ardell starter kit. I got it at CVS and it was like $8. Totally worth every penny to get the kit if you're a first timer. It comes with the adhesive and this neato little tweezer type thing to help you put the lashes on. This was an ENORMOUS  help for me!!!

First things first, make sure the lashes are just the right fit. If they seem too long for your lash line, don't be afraid to trim them with a sharp pair of scissors to size! To get just the right amount of adhesive on the lashes, put a dot of adhesive on your hand. Although it is white, it does dry clear on your lash line.

Drag the lash where they connect along the dot on your hand so you get a thin even spread of adhesive. Hold it for a few seconds and let it get tacky. This will help the lash stick.

Grip the lashes in the pink tweezer thingy with the lash line facing out. Place the lashes on your lash line getting it lined up properly. It wont stick instantly, so if you need to make any adjustments do it right MEOW before it does stick.

Once you're comfy with the way its fitting on your eye, press gently and let it dry. It will dry pretty quickly but give a while before the next step which is applying mascara over everything. You have to make sure your natural lashes blend in of course. Once you've added a thin layer of mascara over your own lashes and the fake ones, don't forget your bottom lashes either. If you want, you can go over the black eyeliner once more to really make it pop, especially over the fake lash line. I even added some silvery glitter liner to my bottom waterline for added sparkle.

A little sparkly silver lip gloss, crazy hair and BOOM you have your high-fashion look for all those runways you'll be hitting!

Why YES I am wearing my new Madd Style Cosmetix pendant, made with love by Krissi's Art  Studio and given with love by bosslady Mo! This is a Madd Model EXCLUSIVE pendant only so neener neener!

More gratuitous finished eye pictures and pictures of ME sporting the look! Enjoy!!

Thanks for checking me out lovelies! Leave feedback, sub if you're not already one and just generally whore me out.



  1. Ahoooga!!!! Holy smokes, you are one sexy mama!

  2. You write such great tutorials, but the photos ... OMG! THE PHOTOS! You crack me up! Great job!