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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Pinks and Greens tutorial!

A pirate walks into a bar with the wheel of a ship hanging from  his crotch...

The bartender says to him, why do you have the wheel of the ship hanging from your crotch? The pirate answers, "Arrgghhh its drivin' me nuts!".

OK so I had no idea how to start this blargh so I figured who doesn't love a pirate joke? Seriously tho, we almost lost my dad on the Disney ride "Pirates of the Caribbean" once due to this joke. We were all jammed into the little boat going along and my husband leans over and tells my dad this joke. My dad starts to laugh so hard he almost falls out of the boat. I must say, one of the times in my life I've laughed my hardest.

Enough horseplay...let's get down to bidness. The look I am going for was actually requested to me by the lovely Madd Cat Piper Holden from the fan page of Madd Style Cosmetix (of course!):

Piper had green eyes like Moi so she had asked what was a great way to highlight her green eyes AND use pinks/greens. I dove into the MSC Birthday Collection and came up with something pretty gorg if I do say so myself! Let's get started!

First up the piggies!

Madd Style Cosmetix (L to R, Top to Bottom): Seedless, Radar Love, Chatter Box, Xray Spex.

Primer and Base! I use Urban Decay Primer Potion in Original and NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in "Milk". (Soon to be replaced by MSC's "Pop N Lock" which is an AWESOME primer/base from the genius mind of Mo!!!

Brushes of course. Don't even THINK about using a sponge applicator! If you are, throw them away IMMEDIATELY and go get yourself some brushes. They aren't expensive...go to Rite Aid/CVS/Walgreens and get a set of EcoTools. Cheap, vegan, dooooo eeeeeet!

A basic black mascara, a basic black liquid or cream liner (or pencil is fine too) and I also used a green eyeliner in pencil form.

OK let's rock. So first things first, start with primed and based eyes. If you STILL don't know by now I do have a Youtube tutorial you can watch on how to prime and base and why blah blah. Here's the link: Chrissy's Primer and Bases tutorial.

So your primer and base are nice and dry, grab a small brush and dip into your first piggie "Xray Spex" which is a silvery white pigment that has a pink duochrome. Perfect for this look because it will really highlight the pink colors we use.

Spread that "Xray Spex" around in your duct area blending out slightly into your inner corner.

Let's get that medium sized shadow brush now and pick up the "Seedless" (a light pink with a green duochrome) which is one of my favorite pinks that Madd Style Cosmetix makes.  It's one of those colors I can just throw on my eyes for an everyday look or add Awesomesauce and really glam it up. I'm layering "Seedless" right next to "Xray Spex" on the inner corner blending around lightly. Don't go too far over into the middle, we are leaving that space open. I'd say go about to halfway on your lid and stop.

Knock some color off that medium sized shadow brush (or if you have two medium sized brushes use the other one you have, show-off) and dip into that "Radar Love" which is a very bright almost hot pink. That's going right next door to "Seedless" down the middle of the lid. Keep your outer corner open for the last color!

For this application let's use our crease brush and get "Chatter Box" which is a jungle green color that also has pink sparkles and a pink duochrome. See what I did there? I picked a green that was super complimentary to "Seedless" (which has a green duochrome) and "Radar Love". Don't be jealous of my awesomeness.

Using the same crease brush, but without picking up more color, really frame the eye with that "Chatterbox". Sweep the brush over from the outer corner really scrubbing that color into your natural crease. If you feel like some of the pinks are getting lost, go back and get more of the "Seedless" or "Radar Love" and by all means, add it back!

Finish off the look by sweeping a neutral toned flesh color onto your brow bone for highlight.

Now that the color is all in place, get your mascara and black liquid liner. For the bottom waterline let's use the green eyeliner pencil.

A trick to help keep the green pencil liner stay on and also to give added pop is pat some "Chatterbox" over it with a small smudger brush.  Careful, don't poke yourself in the eye!

And that's about it folks. Easy and quick...packed with lots of color!! Here are some of the finished looks:

Hope you enjoyed this little tutorial my lovelies!!!! Sub up, comment...share me. You know what to do. ;)


  1. Very pretty, it's true, but with that level of close up, those brow hairs need to be cleaned up and tweezed... it kind of detracted.

  2. thanks guys! Morgan on the brows thing, I'm growing them out. They had been overwaxed and also i lost some after my second son was born. I did this look originally back in June...have no fear they are just fine now ;)

  3. I love this look totally! And uh, I don't think your brows 'detract' from the look at all. Gorgeous as always!

  4. So pretty . . . I want to see your new done brows!!