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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday to Madd Style Cosmetix annnnd I'm one of the new Madd Models!!! :D

A VERY Happy 1st Birthday to Madd Style Cosmetix!! Also I've been chosen as one of the new Madd Models!!

I'm over the moon to say the least! First off, what a thrill to help celebrate MSC's first anniversary of being in business!!!!!! To celebrate, Mo is having ridiculous sales on her product which include TONS of new GORGEOUS highly pigmented mineral VEGAN eye shadows!!! I recommend you go RIGHT NOW and check out her etsy store:  ALSO there's a fab new logo for MSC which is so rockin' it will make your eyes bleed!!!!!! Well, not really...but its pretty rockin'!  (it's above the title!!) Ugh I'm in love!!!

Now for the really super big news (yes I'm a selfish whore LOL)! I've been added onto the team by Mo as one of the new Madd Models AKA The Madd Cats!!!! This gives me tons of street cred natch, so I now walk around with my pimp hat tilted way low. I'm in seriously talented company if you haven't seen the other Madd Cats work...go to Mo's fanpage for MSC and check it out (including my awesome face which has awesome MSC makeup on it and my awesome bio. Its all pretty awesome.) Here's the MSC fanpage, and more bio: My Super Awesome Bio in MSC's Madd Model's Album While you re on that album, please scroll thru to see the other beautiful people who are models as well! It makes me so proud to know that Mo and the other Madd Cats who helped her decide feel my work is good enough to be counted among their own!

In honor of MSC's 1st Birthday I rocked an old school look and honored the anniversary by wearing one of the first gorgeous piggies I ever bought...and coincidentally enough the first piggie that I ever fell in love with on MSC's page. I believe it was the lovely Krissi Sandvik (check out her youtube: ) who was rocking the purple "Pixie" and it was just love at first sight! (With Krissi and "Pixie"!)
 Inner Corner/Duct - "Ice Cream Daydream" blended to "Radar Love" on the Lid. Outer Corner - "Pixie" blended up onto the orbital bone and in crease. "Ice Cream Daydream" used as a highlight on the brow bone as well, blended down lightly to smooth out the edge of "Pixie". I would have loved to have gone bolder with the color, but it was also Mother's Day and I didn't want to go too nuts (like I usually do!).

Oh hello. I didn't see you standing there as I pose in front of this window with my lips slightly parted...

Thanks for checkin out the pics, I am working on lots of good stuff...including more tutorials. As a teaser, I plan on doing a tut involving priming your eye before putting on your makeup. Of all the questions I get asked its always about how to get your color to really stay on for a long time and to get the pigments to be bold and bright and really POP! Wait for it. Its all coming! Know what else I have coming? More MSC I'll certainly be playing with that!

Oh and also, I realized that my camera of course has a video function and I can record about 8 minutes onto it...soooo guess who will be working on her first youtube tutorial? (I'll post it here too!) I'm pretty darn psyched. Below I will post the links to all the other super amazing Madd Models! Check them out!! (thanks to Tiffany Aull ( for the links below, I kinda swiped them from your awesome blog. Go see Tiffany's blog!!

Thanks for hanging out, check out MSC's new stuff, you'll thank me later!

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