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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Teal Ribbon Fund Makeup inspiration!!! :)

Teal Ribbon Fund - Makeup by Madd Style Cosmetix!

Howdy people! I'm back to help support a VERY important cause, the Teal Ribbon Fund.  The TRF was established by the Glitter Bitches in March 2011 to help our friend and fellow member Kim Mayhew of Ant Farm Studio, a full-time working artist as she battles uterine cancer without insurance coverage. If you don't know Kim, she is an awesome person who is always giving to her friends and fellow artists. She has given so much to the art community that we are PROUD to make a few pieces to help her out where we can. Many people have donated their handmade items and cash to help out too! To purchase Kim's art, please visit her shop at or find her fan page by searching "Ant Farm Studio" (the full name is Ant Farm Studio - Home of The Ant Farm Gang and Loco Folko folk art).

I was super excited to re-create one of my FAVORITE eye makeup looks for the TRF tutorial! Before we get to the tutorial though, please please PLEASE check out these links to help Kim out!!!
May funding update:
Donate cash - link on the "DONATE" ribbon under the glitterometer
Glitter Bitches Facebook page

OK! Now sit back, relax and enjoy the tutorial!! Or....go grab your teal eyeshadows and brushes and join in the craziness!

Here are the tools you will need!

Madd Style Cosmetix (of course! Check out their new logo on the top YEAHHHHH!!!!) From top left: "Ripple" - a light blue/green color, "Nirvana" - the AWESOME teal inspiration color I chose!, "Sparkle Motion" - just the most sparkly stuff EVAH!, "Star Gazer" - a white duochrome with blue/purple interference, "Dr. Rockso" - a pearly white with rainbow glitter.
Next up, brushes!

Scotch Tape. Yes, again.

We're going to start with primed eyes, as always I'm using Urban Decay Primer Potion. Just a little bit rubbed all over the eye and let dry for 5-10 minutes. The longer the better! Next the base which is NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in "Milk". A little goes a long way here as well, the more you use the more your chance of creasing.  (Check out my first tutorial that I posted, I have all kinds of info on primer/bases or go to my youtube channel and watch my tutorial on primers and bases its very informative! Primers & Bases Tutorial!)

Time to tape off your eyes! Get about an inch or two of tape and stick it to your face like so:

Lets start off with a small shadow brush! Grab it and dig right into "Star Gazer". We're going to be applying "Star Gazer" in the duct area and blending out lightly. "Star Gazer" goes GREAT with any blue/purple look youre doing because it has th sweet blue/purple duochrome interference stuff. Definitely a versatile addition to your makeup stash!

Once you've got "Star Gazer" on, grab a medium sized shadow brush and get some of that "Ripple" for the lid. Pat "Ripple" on about 3/4 of your lid. Let's leave the outer corner empty for now...but don't worry, it will soon have awesome things happening there! "Ripple" is a light color, so if you want to go more dramatic you can layer the color to build it up and make it bolder.

Done building your beautiful "Ripple" up? Great, now get your rounded crease brush and dip into that "Nirvana", the star of our show! "Nirvana" is going on the outer corner and getting blended gently into your crease. You can go as high up as you want if you want to be more dramatic with the color...just remember to leave room abouve "Nirvana" for your highlight color on the brow bone!

Next up is our highlight! Get your highlight brush and load it up with "Dr. Rockso" and sweep that just under your eyebrow on the brow bone. This is really going to draw attention to the high point of your eye, the brow bone.

Time for my favorite part! Blendy blendy!! Get a clean large blending brush, or any large brush that you feel comfy blending with. As long as there is NO makeup on it!

Using your large brush, blend blend blend! The hard line of your "Nirvana" will soften out nicely. Add more "Dr. Rockso" if needed. I dare you!

At this point, take off the tape! Look at that nice sharp line it created!! Gotta love tape!

Once the tape is off, grab your smudger brush or any small eyeshadow brush and fill in your bottom lid. Repeat the colors on the bottom lid as you did on top..."Ripple" towards the inner corner meeting up with "Nirvana" towards the outer corner. At this point, you can go outside the outer corner and hook up with the upper "Nirvana". I chose to keep the lines pretty clean and kept it just on the lower lid.

Mascara...Black liner on the top lid, and a little black pencil on my waterline and Voila!

GORGEOUS teal sparkly-ness and all for a GREAT cause!!!!!!  This look is pretty bold, and would be fabulous for a night look! If you really want to rock this during the day you sure can (I did and got TONS of compliments!!) but since Madd Style Cosmetix mineral makeup is so blendable and buildable, you could keep this much lighter.


As always, here for your viewing pleasure are tons of pics of ME and my eyeballs!

Is the Mailman here with my Madd Style Cosmetix delivery yet????

Soooo thats the long and the short of it. I dont even know what that means. Well, just go to the links above and check out all the awesome stuff that is being sold where 100% of the proceeds are going to this noble cause!!!! Please help us in the fight against cancer for our wonderful friend Kim!!!! Thanks guys!! are the links again JUST IN CASE!!!
May funding update:
Donate cash - link on the "DONATE" ribbon under the glitterometer
Glitter Bitches Facebook page
Kim's Art Page:


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