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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

On-The-Go Neutrals! Quick and easy Tutorial

You're the Inspirationnnnnnnnnn....

OK so this morning, I have to attend my son's Mother's Day Tea Party at his pre-school! I'm super excited because there is supposed to be food and tea (natch), plus the kids have been working on a surprise for the Moms. I was in the shower considering what colors to wear and what outfits I have on hand. I don't know about you guys, but sometimes finding inspiration for makeup is a little difficult.

I figured today, aside from the tutorial on applying my neutral look, I'd share with you where my color inspiration comes from. I generally like to match my eye makeup/lip color with whatever I'm wearing. I knew I'd be wearing a tan/camel colored shirt and time to dig through my Madd Style Cosmetix collection to find my tan/brown neutrals.

First, I choose the color I want to work around. It doesn't have to be the lightest or darkest can just be the color you most want to wear. I REALLY wanted to try out my newest MSC shade, "Secret Sinner". This color is a glitzy neutral with pink undertones and tons of red glitter. Here's a pic of this gorgeous shade plus a swatch on my arm. By the way, a swatch is basically just a swipe of the color on a part of your body to show the true color.

Now to find a color that will be complementary to Secret Sinner. I want to go for something neutral with a bit of pink undertone.  I swatched a few other colors just to see and saw that they didn't really match "Secret Sinner". Ideally, since "Secret Sinner" has that neutral shade, pink undertone and red glitter...any shade that has those aspects in it would go great.  I decided to swatch "Desert Punk" next to "Secret Sinner" to see if it goes well. Since "Desert Punk is a pinky neutral, it was a natural choice.
Here's the picture of "Secret Sinner" & "Desert Punk" swatched next to each other. I gotta admit, "Desert Punk" is one of my favorites for it's versatility. Its pink, grey, neutral, brown...just gorgeous and goes with many other colors.
Just from looking at the two swatches (the pic is kinda crap, sorry for that!) I can see that I'd like to use "Desert Punk" on the inner corner/duct and then "Secret Sinner" on the middle of the lid...and do a progression of color from light to dark. Now...that brings me to the next question. What color to use for the dark neutral? This will be creating the shadow on the outer corner so it should compliment the other shades but be bold.

Hmm...rifling thru my little black bag full of MSC goodness....AH!

Oh sure... "Bon Bon Blitz" MSC's  brand new dark brown with golden glitter!! I defy you to use this color and not sing "Ballroom Blitz" like I was the entire time.  This color is GORGEOUS! I am a bit skeptical because "Secret Sinner" & "Desert Punk" don't really have any gold in them. Howeverrrrr if I use "Thunder Snow" as a highlight...that has plenty of gold in it and would tie it all together!

YES! As you can see from the swatches on my arm, the colors look like they will go GREAT together! I have all the shades I need to complete my look, and...

 EGADS checking my watch I only have 20 minutes to slap my makeup on and leave to go to this Mother's Day Tea thing. EEK!

Time to start out the way we usually do...prep the eye with Urban Decay Primer Potion (UDPP). Let it dry for a good 5-10 minutes! This will allow your makeup to stay on for hours and hours. Next up is NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in "Milk". Just a dot in the center of the lid and blend out. Even coverage, but not too thick. The white color on the lid preps it so the minerals stick to the lid, plus make the color POP! Apologies for my furry eyebrows.

Grabbing my small shadow brush, I go straight for the "Desert Punk". I'm using it as a highlight in the Duct and then blending out a bit towards the inner corner. I basically wanted to blend it out to the first 1/3rd of the lid. Remember to tap the color onto the lid. Brushing will make a lot of the glitter come off. If the color isn't bold enough for you, go right ahead and keep layering the color.

Next up is "Secret Sinner". Using your medium sized eyeshadow brush load up on "Secret Sinner" and pat in a line down the center of your lid right next to "Desert Punk". So far we've covered 2/3rds of the lid...the last part is for "Bon Bon Blitz so don't stray too far over towards your outer corner. Pat Pat Pat the color on!

For the shadow effect in the outer corner, we are using our darkest neutral tone, "Bon Bon Blitz". I have my crease brush here patting the color into the outer corner. Without going back for more color, just start sweeping your brush with "Bon Bon Blitz" across your eyelid towards your inner corner, over the orbital bone. Don't go up too high...leave about a brush length for the highlight.

So far, here's where we should be at. A gradual darkening of color culminating at the outer corner and blending up over all the colors creating a shadowy look in the hollow of your eye.


Highlight time! Using your fluffy eyeshadow brush...get "Thunder Snow" and start sweeping it across your brow bone. Blendy time! Soften the edge of "Bon Bon Blitz" and bring the color all the way across under your eyebrow. Ooooo sparkly! Add your favorite mascara, I added a black eyeliner to the top line and bottom waterline. Not too dramatic because it IS 11 AM. And guess what? We're DONE!

WOW That whole thing took me about 15 minutes to complete which leaves me with 5 minutes to spare!! ....which is a good thing because Zachy has a poopie diaper BLECH! He always knows when I'm about to walk out the door!

The finished product! I really love that this color combo can be used everyday, for work, for a Mother's Day Tea Party etc. It matches my shirt awesomely too. Pictures below for your enjoyment. Please ignore my eyebrows with the stray hairs all over the place. Time for a waxin'.

Remember to take wet napkin or something and clean up the glitter fall-out that can happen around the bottom of your eye and cheeks. Its a small price to pay for working with such GLITTERY makeup!!

Hey you can see my shirt in this one! My eye makeup matches nice, right?!  

Thanks for checking the tutorial out! This just shows that you CAN do awesome makeup in about 15-20 minutes! I even went thru the tutorial quick! Ah, on the lips I just used a neutral light brown with some gold sparkle. Nothing too heavy or dark on the lips unless you want to use this for a night look. Then, I could totally see this with a darker brown lip and some gold gloss on top. Gotta have that bling! Any questions please post below!!


  1. Very pretty!! And very clear tutorial! Woo!

  2. Wow! Your eye color really pops with this selection! Nice!

  3. So pretty - this is like my everyday look but with UDNP :P Oh, and winged liner . . . and parents always ask me how I have time to do such "fancy" eyes for work, lol.